How It Works

1. Fill out the request form with your personal contact information. We will match you with one of our volunteers to fulfill your service. 

2. We will contact you to confirm your service and work out your exact order specifications. 

3. Prior to delivery, please submit the money for your service if applicable. Learn more about payment below. 

4. Your volunteer will complete the service in a timely manner. For shopping requests, any spare change and the receipt will be left in one of the bags. 

5. Enjoy and spread the word about this service!

Please note, as a student-operated volunteer service, we do not have the resources or capabilities to complete exceedingly large orders. As such, we please ask that you keep your shopping orders to under 25 items or under $150. This ensures that our teen shoppers are spending less time in public spaces, allows other community members access to essential groceries, and increases order accuracy and delivery time. 

WeHa At Your Service has partnered with The Crown Supermarket to facilitate next-day grocery delivery. After viewing their available items, call them at (860) 236-1965 and specify that you are requesting delivery through WeHa At Your Service. The Crown Supermarket will allow you order and pay over the phone.  After calling, please fill out the form below indicating that you are participating in Crown's pickup program.  We will pick up and deliver your goods once they are ready.

The Crown Market Partnership


1. Place cash in a sealed envelope in your mailbox and one of our volunteers will pick it up prior to completing the order. 

2. Provide us with your credit card to use to purchase the groceries.

If these options do not work for you, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate.

Although our services are free of charge, we greatly appreciate any tips or donations that you can provide in order to cover our equipment and operational costs.​